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Goal Update

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I’m pretty excited about my progress over the past two weeks. I’ve been drinking decaf coffee, working out with Daily Burn’s New Beginner Series 4 times a week, taking a 15 minute walk at work each day and struggling through eating a snack of veggies. The veggies remains the hardest goal which still surprises me. I received this in my email from my fitbit. It’s pretty cool. Since I’ve been able to do 4 days a week for exercising I’m going to up that setting from 3 to 4. It feels great to finally stop thinking about becoming active and actually doing it.

True Beginner Success

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Fifteen days ago I weighed in at 234 pounds and I was super depressed. My weight kept going up and down and my knees hurt so bad I had to hold onto the railings of the stairs to get down just one flight, wincing the whole way. I decided the weight had to come off, especially since using medication for my joints had such a bad effect on me. No more excuses to eat badly or not work out. It was time to be serious.

You have to do the work to see results. I have no idea where I read or heard that, but it has become my mantra when I don’t want to get up in the mornings to work out. That and my other mantra, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you”, spoken by my trainer crush Justin from the True Beginner program. So I’m happy to report that I’ve lost 8 pounds since the gloomy day fifteen days ago. How did I do it? What diet did I use? There’s no secret really. My trainer and nutritionist embedded it in my brain a decade ago but I decided not to listen. Proper diet and exercise. It’s that simple. Uh well it’s not simple. It’s freaking hard.

On the exercise front I’ve been doing the True Beginner program from Dailyburn.com every day that there’s a work out scheduled for me. No exceptions.  I log on and click play. Three days into it my body rebelled and I got sick with horrible congestion, but this time I pushed forward. Each set of two weeks of videos gets harder to ease you into getting back into shape. I’m in the second set of videos and wow, it’s hard. Each video is 30 minutes, including a core video. Justin is so motivational and he always tells you to acknowledge how strong you are for showing up. I truly have a trainer crush.

On the nutritional side I’ve gone back to the basics that my nutritionist set up for me years ago. She sat down with me and my husband, asked us what our favorite foods were and what our lifestyle was like and custom made a menu plan for each of us. Mine is a 1500 calorie plan in this configuration: 300 calories breakfast, 200 calories snack, 300 calories lunch, 200 calories afternoon snack, 400 calorie dinner and a 100 calories evening snack which I can combine with dinner to make it 500 calories if necessary. I also have one meal a week where I can eat whatever I want.

I think the hardest part for me is getting up in the morning and starting the work out. Once I hit play I’m into it and glad I showed up.

Long Time No See

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It’s been  a little while since I’ve posted. I wish the reason was positive, but I’ve been struggling really hard with my weight and it has me depressed. I know all posts can’t be motivating, and I can’t always be inspirational, even though I try to do that for all around me.

Some weekends it feels like my brain is trying to convince me that I need to celebrate, like I’m on a vacation, and most times I give in. I will spend the week being mostly good with food, and I’ve been doing the True Beginner workouts on Dailyburn.com and LOVE them. It’s when the weekend comes that I lose it, and undo all the work I’ve done. So for instance I weighed in on Friday’s and I was 229, but then Sunday evening I checked and I was 334! That was it. I was so depressed and sad.

Determined to lose this weight I’m trying to be more serious about this. My one knee has been hurting me for a long while now, so I tried to use an all natural glucosamine herbal blend, but after four days I had to stop. My body felt like I had been beaten all over and after several days of laying low it didn’t get better. My heart was racing too. I’m finally starting to feel better after five days of not taking it, but that didn’t help my frame of mind.

Sometimes I wonder, just what was it that turned the tides for so many people who went from overweight to healthy? I’ve been on a search to find some stories. Will this knee problem of mine be my turning point? I’m so fed up with all of this losing and gaining and giving in to the numerous temptations all around me.

I always try to turn negative thoughts into something positive when I can, and with that, there was one thing that I heard recently that I’ve decided to make my mantra, in hopes of breathing some inspiration back into me. It was from the Daily Burn site during the True Beginners class. Justin, the trainer will often say, ” If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”

I have such a trainer crush on him. He’s so motivational!




Cheeseburger Begone

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Cheeseburger, you thought you had me, but you failed!

Lunch was a struggle for me today. I’ve been given the privilege of working from home two days a week and the temptation to eat badly and go pick up something extremely bad for me was insane. I actually wrote down all the fast food places around my home and went online to view their menus, but something odd happened. I found myself looking up the nutritional values and calories. What??? Why would I do that when I’ve decided to be bad? To treat myself?

Ah and that’s one of my issues, thinking food is treating myself. That somehow gaining weight as a result of “treating myself”, is somehow a good thing. I struggled really hard-switching between going to Sonic and getting a cheeseburger, cheesy tots and a hot fudge sundae- to getting a healthy subway sandwich and going on a twenty minute walk. Wow what a wide trench of a choice to make.

I’m happy to say after much turmoil I decided on the Subway sandwich and a twenty minute one mile walk. I have to say that the sandwich made me very sad and was far from satisfying. The chicken breast had no taste at all. Actually the entire sandwich was bland. Maybe next time I’ll get all veggies and add my own chicken at home.

With that said about my lunch, I did find the walk to be very satisfying. I found myself thinking about my goals and how to achieve them and the weather was gorgeous outside. I’ve kept off the two pounds that I lost last week-usually I gain them back over the weekend with thinking that the whole weekend is a free meal-and hope to get back outside on my bicycle soon. I really need to lose eight more pounds to feel comfortable on it.

Cheeseburgers…you lost!

Galveston Fishing Pier

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Part of my quest to live a healthier life  and lose weight is to become more active in the great outdoors. This Saturday we went to The Galveston Fishing Pier. We’ve been talking about going fishing for years and when my husband’s brother said they wanted to go we said yes.

As a kid my sister and I went fishing with our grandparents every summer at Aransas Pass Texas. They always strung up and baited our lines, and when we caught fish they took them off the hooks, so I knew nothing of doing that myself. My husband and I have been deep sea fishing a few times but on those trips the rods were already set up. I did learn how to take a fish off a hook and set the hook up with squid, but still hadn’t set up a rig on a line.

Wanting to learn to fish, but not knowing where to go in Galveston, we followed his brother’s recommendation to go to The Galveston Fishing Pier. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it was kept up and how friendly all of the staff were. The pier was well kept as well. At the right half of the pier, where it goes off to the sides in a T, the right half was restricted to surf rods at a maximum of 10 feet. We chose to set up on the right side of the pier.

We had already set up our rigs to catch Red Fish and Trout so once we got there we cast our lines in, and almost immediately I caught a small croaker. He was so small and would make great bait, but I threw him back. Shortly after this I caught another one, but the shrimp lure I had rigged up had caught him in the mouth and he had impaled himself into the other treble hook. I gently unhooked him, but determined that he wasn’t going to make it, so we used him as bait.

I had read that people caught lots of red fish and trout here, but no one was catching anything but croaker and baby sharks, so I decided to take this lethal lure off and set up my own rig using a circle hook and weight. I had never set up a rig, I had just learned how to tie a loop knot the night before, but what the heck, no one was catching anything anymore. I managed it and was really proud of it. Soon after I dropped it into the water I caught my first baby shark! My first rig caught a shark. I was so excited! I threw it back and shortly after I caught another. Crazy cool!

His brother caught a beautiful speckled trout and my husband caught a sand trout and they were keepers so we put them in our cooler and ate them that night. Soon after this no one was catching anything for a long time. We were getting hungry so we went off to get some food to go at the restaurant above the peer. The cost of a burger and fries was $10 which was pricey for a burger that was ok but hey it was our first time and we wanted to have the full experience. Yes it was a burger and fries but it was my free day (day to treat myself so I don’t get burned out on eating right). I still practiced some restraint though and only ate half of each.

After a couple more hours of no one catching much of anything we decided to leave around 4:30. We had been fishing for five hours. I got a couple of scoops of chocolate ice cream and we drove to my mom-in-law’s house to hang out for dinner. We finally got home around 11pm but it was such a wonderful day.

We woke up feeling like a truck had hit us, every muscle sore, but I would do it again and hope to soon. Going fishing is kind of off topic for the blog, but not too far off the mark. Getting outside, away from the TV and becoming active is important and this was our first adventure of the summer. I feel good about what we accomplished.

This picture is of me with my little shark. I’m at 230 pounds here.

My Fitness Pal

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A long time ago in a far away galaxy I visited a dietician who helped me discover My Fitness Pal It’s a free tool that you can access online or from an app on your phone. You can search their database when adding food or you can even scan the barcode and most times it brings it up for you. I’ve always liked that!

When you first sign up you enter your current weight and your goal and it calculates how many calories you can eat each day to reach that goal. You can add how many ounces of water you drank and what exercises you did that day. It will calculate how many calories you burned doing it and add those calories back into your bank.

My dietician had me do this for a month as a discovery tool to see what I was putting into my mouth. Wow it was quite a shocker! I believe it was somewhere near 2,500 calories a day with no exercise.  When it was all said and done I was put on a 1500 calorie plan. I say plan because this isn’t a diet, this is a way of life from now on. That’s important to understand. I was super shocked to learn that liquor and wine has calories. WHAT??? It’s a drink for crying out loud! Drinks aren’t supposed to have calories!! But she made a place for it in my plan and I loved her for it.

I’m not sure if you can see the details of this picture but it gives you an idea of what a daily tally of the food you’ve eaten for the day looks like. I like how at the bottom you can see if you went over, or came in under the recommended amounts of things like fat and protein. Looks like I had too much fat and protein today. Eeeek!

After using the tool for years I’ve learned how many calories each food I typically eat each day and have a good idea what I can and can’t eat (I choose to ignore this knowledge sometimes) so I will enter my food in for about a week as a refresher and reminder to behave.

Check it out. It’s easy and even better it’s FREE!!!



Meal Prep 5-9-2017

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Last night my husband and I did some meal prep for the week. We find that it’s easier to eat healthy if the food is already made. This keeps us from doing the whole unhealthy routine demonstrated below.

Me: “Wonder what we are going to eat tonight?”

My Husband:  “I don’t know.”

Me: I look in the fridge and don’t see anything (of course there’s something in there) so I say, “There’s nothing in here. Maybe we should pick something up.”

My Husband: “Ok.” (Notice he isn’t resisting the idea of eating badly)

Me: Grabs purse and heads to the door (Notice how I don’t resist either- heck I’m walking out the door already)

It’s hard work doing meal prep and we normally try to do this on a weekend day because there is more time, but our weekends have been pure chaos. He made the grilled chicken (marinated over night) and I made the grilled veggies and quinoa. I feel like I’m leaving something out…OH boiled eggs for my snack box for the week.

Here are some pictures. I know, eating chicken breasts are better for me, but these are skinned and grilled which gets the fat off. I grilled the zucchini too long but they still tasted good. I saved half of the cauliflower to make a cauliflower soup in my blendtec this week. It’s a new recipe so look out. It’s coming soon.

First Progress Report

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Today is Sunday, April 30, 2017 and I’ve lost four pounds in the past two weeks. Typically, I’ve been told, that losing 1 pound a week is a healthy number but I’ll take two. In the past this has been fairly typical for me when getting started on losing weight. These past two weeks I’ve stopped going out to lunch with co-workers and have quit eating sugar. I also started working out again but didn’t get far due to bronchitis. I’m hoping to keep the momentum and lose another pound by next Sunday. I feel good about this.

If I keep up with what I’m doing it will be achievable!

This is Why You’re Fat

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While walking through the virtual aisles of the Amazon bookstore I found this title, This is Why You’re Fat (And how to get thin forever) by Jackie Warner. The title got my attention because… well… honestly it’s quite rude, but also speaks of tough sugarless love. I pulled it off the shelf and scrolled through the sample pages and decided to buy the book. Why not? I think I need some tough love.

I’ve read a lot of fitness and weight loss books, worked with a trainer and a nutritionist before, and as I read through some of the book it all rang true. She adds the science behind why you should or should not eat certain foods, and she has you follow a plan that has you eating more food that you can eat. After I went through the plan for two weeks I was eating healthy and had actually quit sugar! That’s huge for me because that’s one of my vices.

Each day you have to eat all of these healthy foods like veggies, protein, fruit, grains etc. She says you can eat all the bad food you normally eat but you have to add all of these foods as well. That’s a lot of food. For me I wanted to achieve the goal and found that it was hard to eat all of my bad food AND what she wanted me to eat. By the end of the second week I wasn’t craving sugar and actually wanted to eat the healthy stuff.

It’s been a while since I’ve read it and plan to go back and read it again soon. With any plan, it doesn’t work unless you actually do it. Reading, being told by others (trainers, nutritionists, healthy friends) doesn’t do a bit of good unless you DO it. That’s one of my problems. I’m armed with the knowledge but I have to CHOOSE to do it. So I choose YES!

Check the book out. It’s very worth it.

My Mango Dream

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Kayaking is so much fun. It’s hard work and a great full body workout. Don’t think that the only thing that’s going to hurt the next day are your arms. You use every muscle in your body to stay afloat and glide across the water. But where does a person who is over weight find a kayak that they can fit into that won’t flip you over the minute you adjust your seating because its making your thighs uncomfortable? I wondered the same thing until I found the twelve foot Malibu Stealth fishing Kayak. We primarily go lake kayaking and want to go fishing as well.

The people we bought it from were great at showing us the models and explaining all the features. This kayak is a sit-on-top kayak meaning you don’t have to put your legs into it which is great. It gives a larger person more room for their thighs and butt like mine and these babies are made so stable that you can stand on top of them to fish. Uh I don’t see myself standing on mine anytime soon, or ever, but the fact that you CAN means its hard to flip them. We bought two of the same model, mine being a mango color and his being red. They are 60 pounds each and twelve feet long so they aren’t easy to lift, but the two of us manage to get them up on the roof rack of my car. You can see in the picture below that its crazy, and wonder, is the car carrying the kayak or the other way around?

Some people joke and call them barges, but I don’t have trouble getting it going, and once you do, its like gliding. The ride is smooth, the deck feels roomy even for me, and I feel confident in the stability. I’ve rocked it from side to side, rode in heavy waves and never felt afraid. I would recommend getting a trailer or a bed extender. Even though you can get them on a roof rack its better not to. It’s a work out getting them up there and we get tired before we even get to the water. Then you have to take them down and get them to the water, paddle around and then guess what? You gotta put them back up and then back down. Whew! Makes me tired writing it. We plan on getting a trailer once we agree upon what kind to get. But that’s another story.