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Good Morning! I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I’ve been tackling a stressful project at work, had the stomach flu and trying to add on my new workout routine and food plan designed by Roger at

Last time a blogged I was going to have my in person initial nutritional consultation with Roger. I was super nervous and worried that he would scold me for my weight or current eating habits, kind of like a mom who practices tough love. Weeks before the meeting I had been stress eating really badly. I have a high profile project at work going on, trying to study off hours for a certification exam, trying to get everything stable before my week off (this week YAY!) and then the stress of not knowing what this meeting was going to be like. How it would change my life and how many foods I would never get to eat again. *sighs* And of course my body found ways to eat all of those foods as a sad goodbye. But my worries about Roger were completely unwarranted. He is so motivational and upbeat. I couldn’t have wished for more.

We met at his home office for the first meeting. He was super nice, strong handshake and looking healthy and fit like his pictures on his website. Sometimes people doctor up their pics, but nope, you get what you see here. I heard somewhere a couple of years back that you don’t want to take your health advice from an overweight person just like you wouldn’t want to take financial advice from a poor person- certainly makes sense- so my first impression settled me down a bit knowing I was in good hands.

The discussion started off with telling him about my lifestyle, the foods that I eat,  and my goals for fitness and health. I told him I was interested in getting back into cycling and wanted to be healthy enough to do this. Some of my concerns were that my husband may not be able to cycle with me this time around because of his knee surgery, and one of the reasons I’ve been delaying is that I’ve been hoping he’d be able to go with me. Doing it alone is no fun. Roger told me that he would find some beginner groups that he could hook me up with along with some online spinning classes. For those who aren’t familiar with riding groups, beginner means 12-15 miles per hour. Many groups are racing groups that travel up to 22 miles per hour so you have to be careful. You don’t want to be left in their dust with no map to find your way back.

His knowledge of the sport really impressed me. He even knew the cycling world lingo including the term bonking. During this conversation I took the opportunity to ask what his thoughts were on the Keto diet. With all of the cardio I’m going to be doing, and sheer curiosity, I couldn’t help myself. His take on it was that this diet isn’t for everyone, and with my goals, it’s not for me and recommended not to try it. if I remember right he said the only clients he has used a variation of this diet were those with diabetes and those with severe cases of bi-polar disorder. Not sure why this is for the latter, but certainly intriguing.

Roger has merged the two worlds of nutritionist and physical training in a way I hadn’t seen before, and that I’m completely thankful for. My meal plan and exercise plan is tailored for my cycling goals and  as my fitness level changes or my exercise regime changes, so does my diet plan. I could go on forever about how excited I am about this new journey. Check out his about me page. The man knows what he’s doing

Another thing Roger does that I’m excited about is how he combines the science of nutrition with behavioral habits. We talked about when I tend to stress eat the most, which for me is when I get home. I have a happy life at home and I wasn’t sure why that would be. He explained that it could be that home is where all of the food is and that I may be worried that when I get home I’m worried about making bad choices. In order to combat this he recommended eating an apple on the way home, and then before I even walk in the door, take a walk around the block. After the confused look surely appeared on my face, he explained that chewing releases chemicals that calm you. Take for instance when you were a kid and a stressful situation arises, you may have chewed on your hair or your nails. This is a behavior to calm your mind. Fascinating!

There is so much more to talk about but I have to run for now. Tomorrow morning I’ll be talking about how my first week on the plan went and how my distance follow up scheduled at 2 pm today goes. I’m feeling very positive about all of this and hope you enjoy hearing about it.

Have a great Tuesday morning! See you tomorrow.

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