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Captain’s Log 5-5-07

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This week has been a bad one for my health. I wish all of my posts could be upbeat and full of inspiration and drive, but the truth is, sometimes I need that myself and in my group of two (me and my husband) I’m the cheerleader, the motivator and the one who keeps us on track. But who puts me back on track when I fall off?  I guess if all of my posts were great then I’m not being honest and my blog would be a bunch of fictional fluff. With all that said, what the heck happened?

Well, there were a series of days where I wasn’t eating right, in fact eating pretty badly, and as a result I gained two of the four pounds I lost. I know part of the battle is to understand what drives you to eat badly, address the issue and fix it. I’ve been thinking on it ever since I stepped on the scale today. What went wrong?

On the go eating- we had a few days where we were out and about after work and made bad choices in fast food. We have to make better choices…Period!

The “I deserve it” mentality- Well that doesn’t make sense- I deserve to be fat? The guys at work were out two days working at another location leaving me all alone and wanting to eat anything I wanted because I didn’t have to compromise. So what? Making bad choices is ok? Uhhhh… No

No workouts- I’ve been sick with bronchitis for two weeks and I no longer have the rattle in my chest when I breathe so we are starting back in the mornings on Sunday- excuses gone!

Following the leader- My husband loves to eat and I find myself following his lead when it comes to food- I have to be strong for myself and if I don’t want to eat that chocolate bar he so lovingly bought me, then that’s ok.

Remember the knees- I ask myself sometimes just what is it going to take to convince me to commit? My knees creak and hurt when I go down the stairs and it will only get worse the longer I stay heavy- isn’t that enough to make me want it? *shakes head*

I haven’t eaten those healthy vegetables I bought this week – why on earth why? *shakes fist in the air*

I’m going to make a commitment to work out at least four days a week next week, eat those beautiful farmers market vegetables (which are still gorgeous somehow?), take my lunch to work at least four days, and make better choices if I’m out and about.

I can turn this around. I know I can. Let’s take a look at those veggies again for motivation! Ah yes….so yummy.