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Spinning Love

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People who love spinning are insane. I remember thinking that, watching from the safety of my elliptical, as my fellow gym members walked into the spinning room dry, and came out drenched, like they had gone to a swimming class instead. What was even stranger was they always had smiles on their faces. After taking a beating like that? What gives?

Of course I had to solve the mystery so I tried it out and fell into spinning love. I was training for the MS150 at the time and figured the extra training would help, and it really did. The trainer was so upbeat, had us cheering, laughing and sweating rivers. When it was over I felt like I had really accomplished something, and after a few classes, I was stronger. My butt wasn’t happy with me though. It’s true the seats are butt killers, but with some padded cycling shorts, some time out of the saddle during class, and experience it’s not so bad.

Recently I’ve decided to give home workouts a try. I haven’t been going to the gym, and it’s largely due to lack of time, but if I’m being honest with myself I just don’t like the atmosphere of public gyms. If I’m there with a trainer or a gym buddy it’s a little bit better, but I’m just not being consistent so I’m giving this a try.

With that little bee buried in my bonnet I decided to get myself an affordable spinning bike for home and follow some online classes. Years ago I had purchased one from amazon but it came with a warped flywheel. It came with a one year warranty so I called the support number and they said we could ship the bike back and get a replacement. Sounded nice at first, but when I realized I had to pay for shipping, and that price was almost as much as the bike cost me, I decided to stash it away in the house. I tried to use it, and you still can it’s just very loud and feels wobbly as you ride it, but it’s not going to work if I’m serious about this.

After some searching I found the Bladez Fitness Stratum GS II from Sears. After taxes it came out to a little bit over $300. It was important for me to get it locally so if it breaks I don’t have to ship it back. I wish I could give it a review but it’s still in the box. It arrived at my local sears and I picked it up, but then got really sick and have been sick with bronchitis for two weeks. I’m starting to feel a bit better so I hope to assemble it this weekend and give it a brief little spin. Once I do, I’ll be back with a review. I’m super excited about trying this baby out!

My Mango Dream

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Kayaking is so much fun. It’s hard work and a great full body workout. Don’t think that the only thing that’s going to hurt the next day are your arms. You use every muscle in your body to stay afloat and glide across the water. But where does a person who is over weight find a kayak that they can fit into that won’t flip you over the minute you adjust your seating because its making your thighs uncomfortable? I wondered the same thing until I found the twelve foot Malibu Stealth fishing Kayak. We primarily go lake kayaking and want to go fishing as well.

The people we bought it from were great at showing us the models and explaining all the features. This kayak is a sit-on-top kayak meaning you don’t have to put your legs into it which is great. It gives a larger person more room for their thighs and butt like mine and these babies are made so stable that you can stand on top of them to fish. Uh I don’t see myself standing on mine anytime soon, or ever, but the fact that you CAN means its hard to flip them. We bought two of the same model, mine being a mango color and his being red. They are 60 pounds each and twelve feet long so they aren’t easy to lift, but the two of us manage to get them up on the roof rack of my car. You can see in the picture below that its crazy, and wonder, is the car carrying the kayak or the other way around?

Some people joke and call them barges, but I don’t have trouble getting it going, and once you do, its like gliding. The ride is smooth, the deck feels roomy even for me, and I feel confident in the stability. I’ve rocked it from side to side, rode in heavy waves and never felt afraid. I would recommend getting a trailer or a bed extender. Even though you can get them on a roof rack its better not to. It’s a work out getting them up there and we get tired before we even get to the water. Then you have to take them down and get them to the water, paddle around and then guess what? You gotta put them back up and then back down. Whew! Makes me tired writing it. We plan on getting a trailer once we agree upon what kind to get. But that’s another story.