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Meal Prep 5-9-2017

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Last night my husband and I did some meal prep for the week. We find that it’s easier to eat healthy if the food is already made. This keeps us from doing the whole unhealthy routine demonstrated below.

Me: “Wonder what we are going to eat tonight?”

My Husband:  “I don’t know.”

Me: I look in the fridge and don’t see anything (of course there’s something in there) so I say, “There’s nothing in here. Maybe we should pick something up.”

My Husband: “Ok.” (Notice he isn’t resisting the idea of eating badly)

Me: Grabs purse and heads to the door (Notice how I don’t resist either- heck I’m walking out the door already)

It’s hard work doing meal prep and we normally try to do this on a weekend day because there is more time, but our weekends have been pure chaos. He made the grilled chicken (marinated over night) and I made the grilled veggies and quinoa. I feel like I’m leaving something out…OH boiled eggs for my snack box for the week.

Here are some pictures. I know, eating chicken breasts are better for me, but these are skinned and grilled which gets the fat off. I grilled the zucchini too long but they still tasted good. I saved half of the cauliflower to make a cauliflower soup in my blendtec this week. It’s a new recipe so look out. It’s coming soon.