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Turkey Pinwheel

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A gourmet chef I am not, but I can follow a recipe and usually it turns out right. Normally I will make the recipe as it is the first time, and then make some alterations as needed, but this time I changed up some things. I find my recipes from various places and I have to say that when I found this site, I wasn’t thinking about eating healthy. I was interested in what her dog Butters was doing. But soon, I looked at her profile and found her blog. I’ve made a few of her recipes and have altered most of them mostly for calorie count. I took all of the ingredients and plugged them into my to see what the calories came out to and adjusted as needed. If you haven’t checked it out its free, and so helpful in understanding what you are currently eating in calories, and what you should be eating instead.

My husband doesn’t like turkey so we substituted ham instead. It was delicious, felt so fresh and healthy and was filling as well.  What was also nice was that it took a little while to finish, so it felt like I was eating a lot. My pinwheels need to be tighter, but for a first try I think it went well. Her site is and if you like cute Corgis like I do, you should check out her Instagram with the same name. Butters is so cute and makes me smile, which also helps me feel better about things.