My 600-LB Life

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Reality shows aren’t my thing, but my daughter kept asking me to watch the show My 600-lb Life. I kept resisting, feeling bad about watching a show where someone was making money off of these people in agony. Finally I gave in and was so surprised and what I found. Yes they were in agony, many were at a point where they were faced with losing the weight or dying. I hated the doctor at first because he was so mean with his tough love but I can see how it was necessary.  Many times the people around them were enabling them to gain the weight so someone needed to say something. I haven’t been watching them in any order so I’m not sure which season I’m in but I’ve been inspired by it. The things they go through, the amount of weight they have to lose, and that sometimes there isn’t always a happy ending, as real life is. I hear them say on the show all the time, “If I don’t get approved for the surgery, then it’s all for nothing.” After they have lost the required 40 pounds in a month to qualify for the surgery. Wow. I’m still processing that every time I hear it. I want to shout at the TV, “It is for something! You will get to live and be healthy!” And then I turn it back on myself and realize I need to listen to myself. I think that’s one of the things I like about the show. I find myself having to reject some of the untrue crap I tell myself sometimes.

One show sticks out with me the most though because it’s relevant to what my husband and I are going through. It had twin sisters named Brandi and Kandi who lived together and were both over 600 pounds. They were enabling each other and when they went to see the doctor he told them that because they are twins, its going to be hard to break the dynamic of the two in order to do this. And it make me think, my husband and I do that too. If he decides to eat a candy bar then I will do it too. If we go out to dinner and I see him eat the second half of his food, which we both know we should put half in a to-go container, I will do the same. We both have to break the cycle, but as the twins had to do, I have to make my choices on my own, without looking to him, and to be strong for me.

The show has made a difference in how we think about our health and I feel that it’s a good tool and inspirational to watch. They have so much courage.

Lunch Kit Dream

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A few weeks back I found a lunch kit that has me super exited. You can find it on Amazon and search for  EDC Meal Prep Bag by Evolutionize. I’ve been looking for a better one to replace mine which does a horrible job at retaining the cold and I can’t get much in there. While I was checking in on Butters one day I found a link to her blog and on there was another link that led me to the containers she uses for her meals. And after I found the container, I was led to this lunch kit somehow through link following voodoo. I ordered one in mint color and started using it right away. It comes with three of the containers so I loaded them up with breakfast, lunch and snacks, using recipes from and they all fit! The top has an extra compartment to store another container if you want, or like me I put utensils and a plate in there. One day I put a snack up there and the ice pack even cooled the top too. Ha! I’m impressed. It also has a pocket for your drink containers in the back and it fits my huge mug and has a divider if you have to smaller cups. I’ve even put my phone in that pocket like in the picture. The only negatives are the ice pack that comes with it busted this first week but no biggie, I just got another one, and its kind of big but you know what? I don’t care. I’m working to be healthy and if this is what it takes then so be it.

Lunch Kit

Turkey Pinwheel

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A gourmet chef I am not, but I can follow a recipe and usually it turns out right. Normally I will make the recipe as it is the first time, and then make some alterations as needed, but this time I changed up some things. I find my recipes from various places and I have to say that when I found this site, I wasn’t thinking about eating healthy. I was interested in what her dog Butters was doing. But soon, I looked at her profile and found her blog. I’ve made a few of her recipes and have altered most of them mostly for calorie count. I took all of the ingredients and plugged them into my to see what the calories came out to and adjusted as needed. If you haven’t checked it out its free, and so helpful in understanding what you are currently eating in calories, and what you should be eating instead.

My husband doesn’t like turkey so we substituted ham instead. It was delicious, felt so fresh and healthy and was filling as well.  What was also nice was that it took a little while to finish, so it felt like I was eating a lot. My pinwheels need to be tighter, but for a first try I think it went well. Her site is and if you like cute Corgis like I do, you should check out her Instagram with the same name. Butters is so cute and makes me smile, which also helps me feel better about things.

Sick and Tired

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Today is April 25, 2017 and I’m sick and tired. Last week I came down with bronchitis. I was at work Monday when they had to turn on the big AC unit in our little room and by Tuesday afternoon my ears hurt and my nose was running like a river. The next morning I had no energy and felt really ill. I called in to work to let them know I wasn’t coming and made a doctor’s appointment the next day. I’ve been out of work Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and had to leave Monday because I still wasn’t well enough. I’m home today creating this blog, waiting out the fever and sickness, hoping to go back to work tomorrow. I’m frustrated because the week before, my husband and I had found an excellent website for work out videos where you answer a few questions about your fitness level and they recommend a routine for each day with a video all set up for you. We tried two of them and they were great! The videos weren’t too long, the trainer was very motivating, and they were achievable. The site is Many of the videos out there are ridiculous. You have to be fit already to do them. So I was excited. And then I come home Tuesday sick as a dog and we had to stop doing them for now. I’m having trouble breathing, so working out isn’t going to happen until next week probably. These set backs seem to happen right when I’m getting motivated and then I lose steam. It’s so frustrating, but I’m determined not to let that happen this time. So today, instead of indulging in bad food, I decided that if I can’t work out, at least I can eat healthy. This is a salad made of chicken, spinach, quinoa, mandarin oranges and a homemade dressing with lime juice, olive oil, honey and salt and pepper. Oh and I did try the ten minute meditation video from the site. I figured that was something that I could do and I really enjoyed it. Maybe I will make it part of each day.

How Did I Get Here?

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I have always struggled with my weight. They say there’s usually a reason why people choose to look to food for comfort and I believe that to be mostly true. We all have our demons that we try to keep locked behind closed doors, but it’s when we aren’t paying attention that they somehow free themselves and whisper in our ear that we should eat a chocolate cake pop to make it all better again. This blog’s purpose is to share with you my journey to living a better, healthier life. I’ve tried so many things to lose the weight but it always comes back. I love cycling, kayaking and taking walks.  I’ve seen a nutritionist and a trainer and aside from my weight, I’m healthy. So what gives? This blog isn’t for those who want to find all the answers to be thin. I’m still overweight so I don’t have them. But I will, for me.  One way doesn’t work for all.  I do know that. But if you are here to follow someone who struggles with some of the same things you are going through, to know you aren’t alone, then you are in the right place. Just imagine, we are going on a road trip with you in the passenger seat, and there’s a beautiful sunset closing out the past so that we can welcome a new tomorrow.