EatRightFitness Week 1

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Hi Again! Now that we know what the menu and work out plans are, outlined here , let’s see how I did.

My first week was certainly challenging. I’ve been trying to get ready for vacation and get this stressful project at work to a place where I could leave it, so going out for groceries just wasn’t really going to happen. My meeting was on a Tuesday and I do my grocery shopping on Sundays. With that I decided to start the plan on the following Monday and use what groceries I had at home.

Monday went well. I ate my half a banana when I woke up, did my daily burn video, gathered up all of that food for the day and went off to work, drinking my protein shake on the way. I ate the food on the menu and nothing extra so I was happy with that. I did feel hungry 30 minutes before lunch- I’m supposed to time all the food 3 hours between each meals- so that was a little uncomfortable but luckily I’m so busy at work that it went by fast. On the way home I ate my stress apple and this helped I think. We ate dinner and I pushed through going on a one mile walk. It sounds impressive but its just about 25 minutes. I was so tired and a bit stressed because in the evenings I’m supposed to be studying for my certification exam, but now I have 30 minutes of exercise and 15 minutes of food prep time which eliminates my study time. I placed this concern on my list to speak to Roger about on my follow up. I could have emailed, him but I wanted to give it a week to see if I could make this all work somehow.

Tuesday morning I woke up and completed my DailyBurn video but right afterwards I felt like I was going to throw up. At first I thought that it was the work out because that workout had a ton of core exercises. I managed to get through getting ready for work and somehow got to work without being sick. The stomach pains were so horrible and I ended up going home an hour later. I don’t remember much of the rest of the day because I crawled into bed and slept the whole day. I remember my daughter coming over later in the afternoon to see the dogs and give me some chicken soup, which she scooped out the noodles because I can’t have them, and got me to eat. She takes good care of me. Such a sweetie. So there was no exercise this day and barely any water.

Wednesday morning I worked from home. I spent half the morning sitting up, but my stomach hurt so bad that I spent the other half in bed curled up with my laptop. I got a lot of work done actually without all of the distractions at work. I wasn’t able to produce anything that would relate to a toilet visit and wished that I could so that I might feel better. I barely ate this day. The idea of eating all that food just wasn’t a good thought.

Thursday I was back to eating as directed, but only did an evening walk so that I didn’t push myself too hard and get sick again.

Friday was much of the same thing, but dinner consisted of me grabbing a chicken breast and eating it on the run as we packed to go up to our little project house out in the country to start out vacation.

I was really concerned that perhaps the protein shakes were causing my stomach pains so I emailed Roger. He told me that a stomach bug was going around and that was probably what happened. My husband was really sick on Sunday, and we thought it was food poisoning, but apparently he had the bug first. I was really relieved that it wasn’t the shake. I have trouble with black beans and was worried this was similar.

All together I did OK. I didn’t cheat and I lost 4 pounds, mostly due to not eating much for two days. I was a bit dismayed due to the sickness. I really wanted to kill it on my first week but my body had a different idea. Roger said that probably 2 of the 4 pounds was probably due to the meal changes. I’ll take it. I’m still struggling with the water intake. I’m supposed to drink 100 ounces of water but I’m only at half of that right now. I actually like water, it’s just not a habit to drink so much.

I think this week was a win even though I had two days down. I made progress and I really like how I feel. Next week, which is actually this week as I’m writing this, is vacation week. Our vacations are usually focused on all the wonderful foods we can eat.

How will I do on vacation? Tune in next week to find out.

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