Goal Update

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Good Morning! I hope this Sunday morning is going well for everyone. Last week I attended technical training at a conference center. I knew from previous experience that this would be a challenging week and I was correct in that. These conference centers usually have snacks for you, but I didn’t expect them to cater in lunch too. Oh my. The first day was a disaster for me. I ate the snacks and, as my brain likes to choose this word to rationalize the damage, “enjoy” myself. There is still a success story though. The rest of the week I ate my own snacks and tried to choose the right food items and amounts  of each from the catered lunch. Sadly, even though I did that, I managed to gain 3 pounds? I’m a bit disheartened about this and I’m considering hiring a dietitian, but that’s a different post.

The results from past weeks goals are:

Goal 1- Keep Drinking Decaf Coffee- I did it! I’m removing this goal off of the list for next week. I can count this one as a new habit now.

Goal 2– Resist eating sugar- I did this all but the first day of the training. I’ll count this as a win. I could have spent the rest of the week with cookies coming out of my mouth like Cookie Monster.

Goal 3- Keep working out at least 4 times a day- I’m still doing this one as well. Am I strong enough to make it 5 yet or should i leave it at 4 days for one more week? I have to think on this.

Goal 4– Eat a veggie snack a day- Wow still no go. I do eat veggies at lunch and dinner but I still feel like I need to do more. I didn’t get to search Google last week so I’m hoping to do some searching this week.

Next week’s goals are coming up soon.

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