Plateau Wonderland

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Hi there. Things have been so hectic lately that I haven’t been able to blog much. Good news though, my husband is on the mend from his knee surgery and is doing really well, and I’ll be hanging around the house all weekend so hopefully I can get caught up. That is is we have power. Hurricane Harvey is coming into the gulf coast and the rain is going to be crazy.

For the past four weeks I’ve been at the same weight, reaching my first plateau. Part of it is my fault. I’ve been good during the week, working out in the mornings religiously, altering my Hello Fresh meals to the right calorie count, but the weekends have been hard. I haven’t been sleeping well either and it got so bad that I experienced a TFM (Total Food Meltdown). More on this in another post.

With all that said, my weight is currently 218. I went through all of the denial talks with myself, and trying to make excuses. The first week of the plateau I became really sad. I search the internet for answers and actually found an inspirational blog post. It was about this guy who was focusing on getting healthier. He showed a picture of himself four years ago at a certain weight, and then a current picture where he is at the same weight, however he has more muscle tone and looks a lot better.

It was then that I realized I needed to reconsider just why I decided to do this.  I wanted to be stronger, healthier and to hopefully live longer. I can see my legs taking on more shape, my tummy getting smaller, my knee doesn’t hurt as bad on the stairs and the last time I took the kayak out I was able to handle lifting it a lot better. Sounds to me that I should be celebrating my success, not berating myself over a number on a scale.

After realizing all of that, I told myself, “Self, don’t focus on the scale, focus on your goals and the rest will come in time.” I think my self got the hint. I’m going to keep pushing through this. I can still make this happen!

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