BPPV Strikes Again

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Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) is to me what kryptonite is to Super Man.  A decade ago when I was training for the MS150 I fell off my bike and hit my head really hard. I spent the next 9 months trying to find a doctor that could cure the horrible spinning vertigo I was experiencing every time I looked up or bent down. And this isn’t just being off balance, this is the world is spinning and you can’t see anything dizziness. Needless to say it I didn’t get to do the MS150 that year, or the next. This website http://www.dizzyfix.com/bppv does an excellent job explaining what BPPV is.

After 9 months of seeing doctors, and trying things that didn’t work, I finally found a specialist who put me through a bunch of tests, and did a maneuver on me called the Epley Maneuver. The night of the maneuver I had to sleep with a neck brace sitting up, and then for two weeks I couldn’t bend over, look up, jump or run, or sleep on the “bad side”.  Surgery had a 50/50 chance of making me deaf without the guarantee of it never happening again. So over the years, BPPV has struck like a snake numerous times, so many times that I don’t go to the doctor anymore, I just flip myself (if you check out the Epley Maneuver you will know why I call it that)

The last time it happened was four years ago. I was feeling so good… until yesterday. I was on the mat doing my core workout and the world suddenly spun out of control. I realized, with tears in my eyes, that it was happening to me again. After four years! There was nothing else I could do but flip myself to ease some of the vertigo. This is very discouraging, especially because I’m not going to be able to follow through with the whole procedure after the flip (due to my extra workload at home) and it will affect my ability to do my workouts that have been SOOO helpful in my weight loss and building strength. I’ve lost 15 pounds do far! I’ve made so much progress and I keep asking myself, “Why Now?” But I refuse to give up. At least I know what to do.

With BPPV doing simple things like walking, being under fluorescent lights (can’t ever go into Walmart),  mowing the yard (vibrations from the motor) and riding my bike become challenging and sometimes nauseating.  I mentioned earlier that I won’t be able to finish the last part of the process that ensures a more stable result after the flip. The part where you don’t bend, look up, jump around, run or do anything else that could knock the rock lose is bound to happen with my current schedule and extra workload at home. I’ll have to wait until a later time when I can finish the process. Until then I guess I just keep flipping. For some reason that last sentence brings to mind the song Dory sang during the movie Finding Nemo. Just keep swimming swimming swimming…

BPPV has been a part of my life for over a decade, so this is nothing new, but still frustrating. But I’m not going to give up. Working out will be more difficult and uncomfortable but it’s going to happen. Nothing is stopping me!

I was going to put an educational picture of an ear here, but a picture of Dory seemed more fun.

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