The Woodlands Farmer’s Market

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When my sister and I were young, our grandparents took us up to Temple Texas pretty often. This was where our great grandparents lived where they had a farm. In the mornings we picked black eyes peas, green beans, potatoes, corn and many other vegetables, and when the hot afternoon came we would sit in the shade and snap green beans and shell peas. Back then we didn’t have tablets or video games, we wanted to be outside and actually enjoyed being put to work.

Before long we grew up and technology  and careers creeped into our lives making free time limited. As a result we started eating processed foods, TV dinners and fast food because it was convenient, but definitely not good for us. The chemicals, artificial colors and flavors, and preservatives could fill another blog post. Eventually after reading the labels and researching the effects I decided I wanted to eat more healthy. It’s been at least two years that I’ve been going to the Woodlands Farmer’s Market and I’ve realized recently that I rarely eat those processed and artificial foods anymore.

This morning I visited the market and gathered up some of my favorite things. At the top left is my favorite green sauce from Pain Train Salsa Directly below the purple cabbage are some turkey sticks from K-9 Campus Cafe for the doggies. The vegetables are from Atkinson Farms, the eggs from Tejas Heritage Farm, and the bread which is for our dinner tonight, is from a vendor that I’m so sorry I don’t know the name of. All I know is that she’s my first stop, because if you aren’t fast enough, you don’t get the good pastries, breads and danishes, and today I missed out on the herb bread. When I was sad that I had been too late, she asked what I was using it for, and suggested the sour dough bread. I do have garlic infused olive oil so this should do the trick.

I enjoy eating healthy and also support local farms. If you are local to the area you should visit this market.

Eat well and Prosper!


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