Cheeseburger Begone

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Cheeseburger, you thought you had me, but you failed!

Lunch was a struggle for me today. I’ve been given the privilege of working from home two days a week and the temptation to eat badly and go pick up something extremely bad for me was insane. I actually wrote down all the fast food places around my home and went online to view their menus, but something odd happened. I found myself looking up the nutritional values and calories. What??? Why would I do that when I’ve decided to be bad? To treat myself?

Ah and that’s one of my issues, thinking food is treating myself. That somehow gaining weight as a result of “treating myself”, is somehow a good thing. I struggled really hard-switching between going to Sonic and getting a cheeseburger, cheesy tots and a hot fudge sundae- to getting a healthy subway sandwich and going on a twenty minute walk. Wow what a wide trench of a choice to make.

I’m happy to say after much turmoil I decided on the Subway sandwich and a twenty minute one mile walk. I have to say that the sandwich made me very sad and was far from satisfying. The chicken breast had no taste at all. Actually the entire sandwich was bland. Maybe next time I’ll get all veggies and add my own chicken at home.

With that said about my lunch, I did find the walk to be very satisfying. I found myself thinking about my goals and how to achieve them and the weather was gorgeous outside. I’ve kept off the two pounds that I lost last week-usually I gain them back over the weekend with thinking that the whole weekend is a free meal-and hope to get back outside on my bicycle soon. I really need to lose eight more pounds to feel comfortable on it.

Cheeseburgers…you lost!

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