Organized Bicycle Rides

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While in search of the date for my favorite organized bicycle ride of all time I found this link that has the dates for bicycle rides in 2017. Sadly, I didn’t find the Bike for Sight ride listed. 😦 I wanted to add a date to this blog to be used as a goal for me to work towards. I’ve ridden in the Katy Flatland Century before. There’s a reason why they use a Buzzard for the picture. It’s all flatlands (means you don’t get a rest like you would going down a hill) and its HOT. But it’s doable. July should be enough time to work up to 32 miles in the flats. They have multiple lengths thank goodness. I remember way back when I rode in this ride that they had a strange set up. It was something like 8 miles to the first rest stop, and then 15 miles to the next, in a headwind. Maybe it’s different now. It has been a long time. Even though it may be the same, I can stop whenever I need to.

Here’s the link to the site that has all the dates for the rides in 2017 Wheel Brothers Texas Bike Rides

This is the link for the Katy Flatland Century Ride

When I decide to commit to the ride I’ll add a calendar with it on here.

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