Back To Work

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Today I was able to get back to work after being home so many days being sick. Getting up was actually easy. The steroids they are giving me makes my heart race so I’m fully of energy. So much so that it’s hard to sleep. Feels like I’m on speed. But as the day has gone on I’m worn out already, chest hurts and I’m starting to lose my voice. I’m a little frustrated with it and really want to get busy with my workouts again but can’t.

Positives are, I did bring my lunch and snacks today in my groovy lunch kit, and lunch was leftovers from my chicken quinoa bowl and I’m pleasantly surprised that it keeps well overnight. I’m hoping we can put my new spinning bike together tonight, and tomorrow morning I’m making a variation of one of the Damn Delicious trays for breakfast.

Perhaps I’m an optimist. Even though something goes wrong I try to pick out some positives from it. Oddly enough I’ve found this frustrates people around me. Not sure why, but I still do it. You never know. Your positivity might make someone’s day.

I’m happy that I’ve eaten healthy all day, haven’t eaten any sweets (another blog post lol) and even though I can’t work out, I’m on track.

Hope your day was excellent. Thank you for checking in.

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