My 600-LB Life

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Reality shows aren’t my thing, but my daughter kept asking me to watch the show My 600-lb Life. I kept resisting, feeling bad about watching a show where someone was making money off of these people in agony. Finally I gave in and was so surprised and what I found. Yes they were in agony, many were at a point where they were faced with losing the weight or dying. I hated the doctor at first because he was so mean with his tough love but I can see how it was necessary.  Many times the people around them were enabling them to gain the weight so someone needed to say something. I haven’t been watching them in any order so I’m not sure which season I’m in but I’ve been inspired by it. The things they go through, the amount of weight they have to lose, and that sometimes there isn’t always a happy ending, as real life is. I hear them say on the show all the time, “If I don’t get approved for the surgery, then it’s all for nothing.” After they have lost the required 40 pounds in a month to qualify for the surgery. Wow. I’m still processing that every time I hear it. I want to shout at the TV, “It is for something! You will get to live and be healthy!” And then I turn it back on myself and realize I need to listen to myself. I think that’s one of the things I like about the show. I find myself having to reject some of the untrue crap I tell myself sometimes.

One show sticks out with me the most though because it’s relevant to what my husband and I are going through. It had twin sisters named Brandi and Kandi who lived together and were both over 600 pounds. They were enabling each other and when they went to see the doctor he told them that because they are twins, its going to be hard to break the dynamic of the two in order to do this. And it make me think, my husband and I do that too. If he decides to eat a candy bar then I will do it too. If we go out to dinner and I see him eat the second half of his food, which we both know we should put half in a to-go container, I will do the same. We both have to break the cycle, but as the twins had to do, I have to make my choices on my own, without looking to him, and to be strong for me.

The show has made a difference in how we think about our health and I feel that it’s a good tool and inspirational to watch. They have so much courage.

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