Lunch Kit Dream

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A few weeks back I found a lunch kit that has me super exited. You can find it on Amazon and search for  EDC Meal Prep Bag by Evolutionize. I’ve been looking for a better one to replace mine which does a horrible job at retaining the cold and I can’t get much in there. While I was checking in on Butters one day I found a link to her blog and on there was another link that led me to the containers she uses for her meals. And after I found the container, I was led to this lunch kit somehow through link following voodoo. I ordered one in mint color and started using it right away. It comes with three of the containers so I loaded them up with breakfast, lunch and snacks, using recipes from and they all fit! The top has an extra compartment to store another container if you want, or like me I put utensils and a plate in there. One day I put a snack up there and the ice pack even cooled the top too. Ha! I’m impressed. It also has a pocket for your drink containers in the back and it fits my huge mug and has a divider if you have to smaller cups. I’ve even put my phone in that pocket like in the picture. The only negatives are the ice pack that comes with it busted this first week but no biggie, I just got another one, and its kind of big but you know what? I don’t care. I’m working to be healthy and if this is what it takes then so be it.

Lunch Kit

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