Lion’s Bike for Sight

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Cycling is one of my favorite things to do. I even rode in the BP MS 150 Bicycle ride from Houston to Austin with my husband once. You really learn something about yourself doing something like that. Sadly I haven’t ridden in a couple of years and hope to get back to do it.

I’ve found that if I focus on a goal that requires me to work out and eat healthy I have good success at achieving it. One of my favorite rides is the Lion’s Bike for Sight. It usually occurs in September or October, so I have time to get ready for it. There are different distances you can take. We’ve done both the 40 mile and 22 mile. If you are getting ready for the MS 150 then the 40 mile and there’s one longer than that, are the ones to consider, but if you want a nice, challenging ride through the back roads then the 22 mile ride is the best choice. There’s even an exotic animal farm on the way.

We’ve ridden it a few times and have seen the animals a couple of times but what I’m reminded of most when I see the sign for the farm, whether they are out that day or not, is that beyond the farm there’s a long winding hill that leads to a hill that is so vertical that you would think its a cliff. So this will be goal number one for 2017 towards a healthier life. I haven’t been able to find the actual date but once I do I will post more.

Here is a picture of my road bike that carried me over the wild mini mountains of the Texas hill country and will continue on in 2017. She’s a 2001 Bianchi with Veloce Campagnolo components and Speedplay clip-in pedals.

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